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Information for family and friends

In order to be able to use LiveUitvaart.nl , you require a login code. The code is sent by email exclusively to the client who has arranged the funeral.

This is in order to safeguard privacy. When you enter the login code in the box provided above, you will automatically be connected to the right funeral.

You can follow the funeral service live, but also afterwards. Once you have logged in, it is also possible to send a message of condolence to the client who has arranged the funeral.

LiveUitvaart.nl is intended for family and friends who, due to their individual circumstances, are unable to attend the funeral in person.

Additionally, LiveUitvaart.nl offers the possibility to re-watch the funeral service immediately after it has ended. Hence, LiveUitvaart.nl provides comfort and helps people to deal with the loss of their loved ones.

If you would like to make use of the LiveUitvaart.nl service, please make this known to your funeral home. The funeral home can then make the necessary arrangements with us.

Information for funeral homes

LiveUitvaart.nl is the first webcast platform to make it possible for funeral homes to webcast funeral services independently on a large scale, in a highly automated fashion and at a low cost. We are proud to say that LiveUitvaart.nl was the winner of the International Funeral Award.

Although everyone always does their best to make it to funeral services, it is not always possible to attend in person. Missing a loved one’s funeral service may cause feelings of remorse. A greater feeling of loss, for not being there at this time of sharing and closure.

LiveUitvaart.nl offers the opportunity to share in these final moments and pay your last respects. Guests unable to attend in person can experience the funeral service just as if they were physically there by viewing the live and on-demand webcast over the Internet. It is also possible to send messages of condolence live online.

As a funeral parlour, you can offer the bereaved the option to use LiveUitvaart.nl’s unique and innovative service.

For more information about LiveUitvaart.nl, please visit our corporate website.